Walking Around Kamikochi

May 20 | Evan | No Comments |

kamikochi-JapanPhotoGuide-056When visiting Kamikochi, you will surely visit and get great photos of the famous sightseeing spots like Kappabashi, Myojin Pond and Taisho Pond, but also just by walking around the trails you will find spectacular scenery, nature and perhaps even some animals.  With my limited time in Kamikochi, I was always rushing from one place to the next and while I saw lot’s of places I wanted to stop and take some photos, or come back for different lighting, I didn’t have the necessary time.  When going to Kamikochi, I would highly recommend staying at least 3 days to see and photograph everything you want to and then to return to the places you need more time at.   Takezawa Marsh and Tashiro Pond are also worth checking but just walking from scenic spot to the next, you can find your own special part of Kamikochi to create art at or just to enjoy the scenery and fresh air.  Here are a few more of my favorite photos from just walking around, most of them snapshots in between the goals I was on my way to:

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