Kamikochi | Kappabashi (Kappa Bridge)

May 17 | Evan | No Comments |


Kappabashi is an icon of Kamikochi and centrally located in the area.  It’s about a 10 minute walk or so from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal and an hour or so walk from either of the famous ponds, Myojin Pond or Taisho Pond.  Kappabashi, along with the bus terminal, are the most crowded areas as it is centrally located and there are a lot of places to stay close by along with the only restaurants/giftshops in Kamikochi.  Convenience wise, I would recommend staying close to this area, but if you are looking to avoid crowds, then stay someplace else….  It is also a very popular area for picnics and to have a drink as well as the site for the opening and closing festivals.   I was here around the middle of the day, so not the best light, but with my limited time, I have to be somewhere during the dreaded middle of the day light hours!  More of Kamikochi coming soon!

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