Yes, It is safe to visit (most places in) Japan!

Apr 20 | Evan | 1 Comment |

Northern Japan is still, and will still be, devastated for a long time, but now is as good as time as any to visit Japan!  From Tokyo down to Okinawa, life is back to normal and is safe to travel to.  There are two great reasons why now is the perfect time to plan a trip to Japan.  The first is that Japan’s economy needs our help.  Tourism, and just about every part of Japan’s economy, has already taken a huge hit this year, but the more visitors that travel to Japan, the better.  The second is really the same reason, the fact that tourism is down in Japan means that I can give you a guided tour of Japan, visit the best places in Japan and do so with the lowest crowds possible!  Why not take a guided tour of Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and/or Miyajima when Japan needs our help and at a time when crowds will be much lower than normal?  Interested in having me be your private tour guide of Japan?  Check out the general information about my tours of Japan or what to expect during a guided tour of Japan.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!