Patience Pays Off: Capturing Mt. Fuji and Cherry Blossoms in Shizuoka

May 02 | Evan | No Comments |

After a spell of endless rain and unexpected adventures in Tokyo, our 2023 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour continued towards Shizuoka. Our mission? To capture the majesty of Mt. Fuji framed by the delicate cherry blossoms. As anyone who’s tried to photograph this elusive mountain knows, patience is key, and a little help from Mt. Fuji never hurts either.

On arrival, I have to admit, my heart sank a bit. The mountain was shrouded, hidden from sight, and I couldn’t help but feel our trip might be a lost cause. But one thing I’ve learned in my years of photography is the power of patience, and so we waited. As the day faded and the sun disappeared, something incredible happened – for a brief 15 minutes, the clouds around Mt. Fuji parted. It was like the mountain knew we were waiting, and it rewarded our patience with a stunning, albeit fleeting, appearance.

The next morning, we set off for Miho no Matsubara, a stunning beach known for its pinetrees and views of Mt. Fuji. The haze that morning was heavy, masking much of the mountain, but we could just make out its iconic outline. We captured what we could, the hazy silhouette of Fuji adding a mysterious touch to our shots.

Even as the sun came out later in the day, Mt. Fuji remained stubbornly hidden. But if there’s one thing our rain-soaked Tokyo adventure taught us, it’s to make the most of unexpected circumstances. So we turned our lenses towards Shizuoka’s beautiful tea plantations. Bathed in sunlight, the vibrant green fields offered a whole new world of photographic opportunities, a stark contrast to the elusive snow-capped peak we’d been chasing.

We also took the time to delve deeper into the history and significance of Mt. Fuji at the Fuji World Heritage Centre. The experience added a layer of depth to our photographic journey, reminding us that the mountain we were so keen to capture is more than just a beautiful landscape; it’s a symbol of Japan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Our time in Shizuoka was a testament to the unpredictable nature of photography tours. We didn’t get the clear, sunlit shots of Mt. Fuji framed by cherry blossoms that we’d envisioned. But we left with something possibly even more valuable – a deeper appreciation for the process, the patience, and the ability to find beauty in unexpected places.

Whether it’s rain in Tokyo or a shy Mt. Fuji, the 2023 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour has taught us that the best way to capture Japan’s beauty is to embrace the unexpected. And for that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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