Traveling around Kyushu | Sasebo

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After visiting Nagasaki, the next place I wanted to scout for an upcoming rice terrace photo tour of Japan was Sasebo.  Like with Nagasaki, the weather in Sasebo was mostly rainy and didn’t really allow me to take photos of areas I wanted when I wanted to, but I could at least check out the area and some observatories of Kujukushima.  The Kujuku Islands are part of Saikai National Park and can be really beautiful and provide great photographic opportunities in Japan.  Like with my time in Nagasaki though, for the most part, I was stuck with strong rain.  Even so, I could see the potential for future photography tours of Kyushu that Sasebo and Kujuku Islands could provide.  Due to the bad weather, most of these photos were taken with just my iPhone.

Traveling around Kyushu | Nagasaki

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Nagasaki Japan Photo Guide-008

This summer I had the pleasure to travel to Japan and explore parts of Kyushu that I had previously not visited. I wanted to go to Kyushu to scout some locations for an upcoming photography tour of Japanese rice terraces or Tanada in Japanese. My timing wasn’t the best to take pictures of tanada as it was rainy season and too late to see the rice terraces filled with water, but really this was just for scouting more than anything else. As I mentioned, when I was in Nagasaki, it was the rainy season and I’d say we had about 2 hours of non raining daytime in the 2 days I was there. This also prevented me from taking photos of the great night view in Nagasaki, but oh well!

As a city, I really enjoyed Nagasaki and really liked the way it’s built into the hills and mountains in the area.  There are about 4 or 5 different places to get great views and photos of the city, if the weather is nice!  You will just have to google “Nagasaki Night View Photos” or squint/imagine while looking at my pictures as due to time constraints/weather, I was only there during the day.