2013 Cherry Blossom Forecast

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Every February brings (at least) 2 great things related to traveling to Japan:  The Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido and the first sakura (or cherry blossom) forecast for Japan.  If you plan on visiting Japan during cherry blossom season, head over to the Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO) site for some great information.


Like the with the weather, predicting when the cherry blossom trees will be in full bloom is not 100% accurate, but usually it is within a few days.  Once the cherry blossoms are out, typically they can about a week or so, depending on the type of cherry blossom tree, size, location and weather during bloom.  After the sakura start to bloom, one strong windy and rainy day can shorten the length the cherry trees are in “full bloom.”  In any case, check out this graphic from the JNTO website or if you can read Japanse, you can go to tenki.jp directly where the JNTO gets their forecast.

JNTO’s Cherry Blossom Forecast:
2013 Cherry Blossom Forecast in Japan

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Can’t make it to Japan to see the cherry blossoms?  For information about the cherry blossom forecast in Washington DC, here is a great place to get some information about the cherry blossom trees there.


March 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

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I’m not a good enough writing to express what I’m feeling with the news of the earthquake just off the coast of Northern Japan today. Having lived in Sendai for just over 3 years, I’ve been hoping and praying all my friends over there are safe, but it’s pretty scary to see places you’ve been to many times destroyed by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. My wife and I are so relieved to hear that her family in Tokyo is okay, but there are still many out there, we and others are worried about. Here are two links with resources for those in Japan, or like me, searching for those in Japan:


For US Citizens in Japan, here is an email, phone number and twitter that might be helpful: