Why experience Japan with Evan?

Apr 24 | Evan | Comments Off on Why experience Japan with Evan? |

The short answer is my experiences, connections and set of skills. As a westerner who has lived and traveled around Japan for almost 4 years now, I’ve experienced parts of Japan that most tourists simply don’t have access to. I’ve lived with 2 different Japanese families, by myself while working in Japan so I am familiar with daily life in Japan and learned about Japanese customs (although I learn more everyday I’m in Japan).

As a professional photographer, I look at the world differently and find beauty where others find ordinary. My experiences as a photographer, and as a travel guide in Japan, have also taught me that simply providing a product or service isn’t enough to really satisfy my clients or for me to be fulfilled. Instead, my aim is to provide you with special memories that even if I wasn’t freezing them with photographs, they would be forever in your mind.

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