Traveling around Kyushu | Nagasaki

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Nagasaki Japan Photo Guide-008

This summer I had the pleasure to travel to Japan and explore parts of Kyushu that I had previously not visited. I wanted to go to Kyushu to scout some locations for an upcoming photography tour of Japanese rice terraces or Tanada in Japanese. My timing wasn’t the best to take pictures of tanada as it was rainy season and too late to see the rice terraces filled with water, but really this was just for scouting more than anything else. As I mentioned, when I was in Nagasaki, it was the rainy season and I’d say we had about 2 hours of non raining daytime in the 2 days I was there. This also prevented me from taking photos of the great night view in Nagasaki, but oh well!

As a city, I really enjoyed Nagasaki and really liked the way it’s built into the hills and mountains in the area.  There are about 4 or 5 different places to get great views and photos of the city, if the weather is nice!  You will just have to google “Nagasaki Night View Photos” or squint/imagine while looking at my pictures as due to time constraints/weather, I was only there during the day.



Panoramic Kamikochi Photos

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Just a quick post today, again from Kamikochi.  After sharing my favorite black and white photos from Kamikochi, here are my favorite panoramic photos of Kamikochi.  All of these photos were simply taken with the iPhone camera’s panoramic photo tool and just cropped a little in photoshop.  If you have been looking around the blog recently, you will recognize places like Myojin Pond, Kappabashi and Taisho Pond, and if you have been looking around Japan Photo Guide recently, posts from May would be a good place to see more photos from Kamikochi!

Myojin Pond-JapanPhotoGuide-027a






Kamikochi in black and white

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From Myonjin Pond to Taisho Pond and all the wonderful places in between, it’s no secret I love Kamikochi!  I only wish I could have spent more time in this special place in the Japanese Alps to take more photographs and really explore the area.  I would have also been really happy with different kinds of weather, instead of the constant mostly sunny and barely any clouds I had for the short time I was there.  In any case, I picked 5 of my favorite photos in black and white of Kamikochi to share, but if you are just arriving to this post directly, be sure to check out the other posts and photos of Myojin Pond, Taisho Pond, Kappabashi and just walking around Kamikochi.kamikochi-JapanPhotoGuide-009

Walking Around Kamikochi

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kamikochi-JapanPhotoGuide-056When visiting Kamikochi, you will surely visit and get great photos of the famous sightseeing spots like Kappabashi, Myojin Pond and Taisho Pond, but also just by walking around the trails you will find spectacular scenery, nature and perhaps even some animals.  With my limited time in Kamikochi, I was always rushing from one place to the next and while I saw lot’s of places I wanted to stop and take some photos, or come back for different lighting, I didn’t have the necessary time.  When going to Kamikochi, I would highly recommend staying at least 3 days to see and photograph everything you want to and then to return to the places you need more time at.   Takezawa Marsh and Tashiro Pond are also worth checking but just walking from scenic spot to the next, you can find your own special part of Kamikochi to create art at or just to enjoy the scenery and fresh air.  Here are a few more of my favorite photos from just walking around, most of them snapshots in between the goals I was on my way to:

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