2012 Japan Cherry Blossom Photo Tour

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This page is really old and you missed out on this tour, but check out the 2015 cherry blossom photography tour of Japan!


I am very excited to announce a very special group tour to Japan for the 2012 cherry blossom season!  Cherry blossom season is the best time of the year to visit Japan as the beautiful white and pink trees bloom across the entire country!  Why not go to Japan with an small group being guided by an English/Japanese speaking professional photographer and a Japanese tour guide that speaks English.  Together, we will offer the best of both worlds to make your travels to Japan filled with experiences and photo opportunities that you will never forget!  Here are the details of the 2012 Japan Cherry Blossom Photo Tour by Japan Photo Guide:

When is the Japan Cherry Blossom Photo Tour?
Saturday, March 31st, 2012 through Sunday April 8th, 9 days, 8 nights

What is the investment for the Japan Tour?

4800 USD per person if 4 people or less and 4300 USD per person if 5 or more.  The minimum for the tour is 2 people and maximum for this tour is 8 people.  Price is based on double occupancy but if you need a single occupancy room, it’s 500 USD more.

What does a tour of Japan with Japan Photo Guide include?

  • 3 or 4 star hotels like Hotel Gracery in Ginza, Tokyo and Monetery Kyoto in Kyoto. Taxes are included but extra charges, for example room service or minibar, are not.
  • Daily breakfast
  • 7 day JR Rail Pass which will give you unlimited rides on most JR trains, buses, or even ferries, including Japans famous and super fast bullet train.
  • 2 guides– 1 professional photographer that speaks English and Japanese, 1 Japanese guide that speaks English and Japanese that has many years of experience in the Japan travel industry.  Together, we will help you experience  and guide you around Japan in ways you would be unable to by yourself. 
  • Photo instruction, lessons with your camera if necessary, optional mini photo sessions of you on your vacation, optional portfolio review or review of your photos in Japan, help with anything that requires Japanese.
  • Besides photography, both of your guides love eating in Japan.  We can help you find wonderful restaurants for you to enjoy during your travel to Japan.

Only 9 days in Japan, that isn’t enough!  Can we add on more?

Yes!  I agree, 9 days isn’t enough!  You may add on the 8th-13th, making your tour of Japan 14 days, 13 nights, for an extra 2000 USD per person or feel free to experience  Japan a few days before or after on your own if you are adventurous!

Do I have to be a professional (or even amateur) photographer to join?

No!  Japan Photo Guide tours of Japan are designed with photography in mind, but the places we will go to will be amazing for anyone 18 years of age and older.  This is partly why we will have a a regular tour guide so if the photographers and travelers want to move at different paces, or see different things, we can temporarily split up if necessary.  

What’s the Itinerary?

Cherry blossoms bloom for  short time only once a year.  We have picked dates that will give us the best chance to see Japan transform into a cherry blossom crazed wonderland!  Since the 2012 cherry blossom forecast hasn’t been released yet, the exact plan may change a little but it should be something like this:
March 31-April 2 Tokyo and surrounding area
April 2 – April 7 Kyoto and surrounding area
April 7 – 8 Tokyo and surrounding area
If you want to spend more time traveling around Japan with us, we will plan the additional days with some feedback from you.  Most likely we will stay in Kyoto another day or two, before going back to Tokyo area again or we could go down to Hiroshima/Miyajima or up to Kanazawa.


Have a question about the 2012 Cherry Blossom Tour in Japan that I didn’t answer?

Contact me at your convenience and I will tell you all about it!