2015 Rice Terrace Tour of Japan | Oura Tanada

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Another day with the group touring Japan and another rice terrace to take photographs of! In the morning we went to Hamanoura Tanada and for sunset, we went to Oura Tanada.  It should be noted that you cannot actually see the sun setting at Oura Rice Terrace, but the plan was that since the weather was suppose to be cloudy, it wouldn’t matter as much.  It turned out to be one of the nicer sunsets of our trip and in hindsight I wished we had switched Hamanoura and Oura Rice Terraces, but we still made some nice photos at Oura as the sky did get some nice color and clouds, even the with sun not being there.



Earlier that day, before taking photos at Oura Rice Terrace, we had a fantastic lunch at Caravan Steakhouse in Karatsu City.  Not only was the food very delicious but Chef Kawakami was incredibly kind and accommodating to the eating restrictions and allergies that some of the members of our group have.  We all loved it so much that after we finished our meal, we made a reservation for the next day’s dinner!   Take a look at the delicious food below and our group with the chef afterwards.

2015-05-14 14.24.55

2015-05-15 21.12.39

For the 2015 Rice Terrace Photo Tour of Japan, we also visited Doya Tanada, Hamanoura Tanada, Warabino Tanada and Mikaeri FallsNijinomatsubara, JufukujiIshidake Observatory for Kujukushima and Yumiharidake Observatory for Kujukushima.  Interested in joining a future Tanada Tour of Japan?  Contact me today to start your experience for Japan!

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