Tour of Japan | Ninja Experience

Apr 19 | Evan | No Comments |

While still in Tokyo for the cherry blossom tour, I arranged an experience at a small dojo to learn about life as a ninja, the tools/weapons ninjas used and even to learn a few moves.   For this special experience, it was just the boys as the girls had their day to go shopping in Tokyo.  Actually, it worked out nicely as this was one of the few rainy days we had in Tokyo, so it was nice to have something to do inside.  The ninja lesson started off with a brief ritual and demonstration of the master’s abilities.  The master that was our instructor comes from from a family whose lineage has been a family of ninjas and was eager to share their history and way of life from back in the day.   Of course, you cannot have a ninja lesson without looking the part!Ninja Experience-12-japanphotoguide

Once we looked the part, we learned about throwing ninja stars, drawing/using swords and other weapons as well as some of the techniques used for surprise attacks and of course defense.  The whole experience lasted a little more than an hour and was enjoyable and not really cheesy.  Another option we had considered was going to the Ninja Restaurant in Akasaka, but I think this is better for a guys day, especially if kids are involved.