Japan Photo Guide Recommends: Sapporo Snow Festival

Feb 03 | Evan | No Comments |

Japan has many festivals throughout the year, but honestly, most of them share a lot of similar elements (parades, fireworks, carrying portable shrines) and tend to be somewhat overrated *cough* Gion Matsuri *cough*. That being said, there are certainly some incredible festivals that make for some unique and wonderful experiences. My favorite one is probably the Sapporo Snow Festival.  The Sapporo Snow Festival, is of course, in Sapporo and occurs each year at the begining of February.  The 2011 Sapporo Snow Festival starts February 7th, 2011 and ends on the 13th of February,

Before I talk about traveling to Sapporo for the festival, let’s talk about Sapporo the city.  Sapporo is one of my favorite cities in Japan.  It’s easy to understand and get around Sapporo and while Sapporo is a large city, it’s not nearly as overwhelming as Tokyo.  Also, the food in Sapporo is incredible, especially the seafood (not that anywhere in Japan really has bad seafood) and their famous Sapporo stlye ramen, miso butter corn ramen to be exact.  Whether you are eating lunch on a cold day, or capping off a night with friends, Sapporo Ramen hits the spot.   More