2016 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour of Japan | Tokyo

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Japan Photo Guide Chidorigafuchi Tokyo 002

Cherry blossom season in Japan is a beautiful time of year if you are lucky enough for good timing!  Besides the cherry blossoms blooming slight different times in different years, after the cherry blossoms bloom, one strong storm can wash off a lot of the cherry blossoms.  In 2015 the cherry blossom photo tour of Japan didn’t have the best luck with timing, but the 2016 cherry blossom photography tour of Japan, while going the almost exact same dates of the year, had just about perfect timing everywhere we went!  Not only did we have perfect timing with the cherry blossoms, we were lucky enough not to have any strong storms until probably day 7 or so, after we had traveled to Kyoto.

Photo courtesy of Kel Blake Photography

Photo created by and courtesy of Kel Blake Photography

Before Kyoto though, I have a lot to share from the other places we visited in Japan for this group tour of Japan from cherry blossom season!  First up, like many escorted trips to Japan, Tokyo!  Our group had 2 nights to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Tokyo along with other sights and experiences in Tokyo, including a home cooked meal and cooking lesson in a Japanese chef’s home.  The photos above are from our first morning at Chidorigafuchi from a overcast morning in Tokyo.  Later that day we made it to Sumida Park and then headed an older part of Tokyo, Yanaka where after enough cherry blossom viewing had a nice lunch with some locals.  Here are a few photos of our group in Tokyo for cherry blossoms:

Japan Photo Guide Sumida Park Tokyo 004 Japan Photo Guide Yanaka Tokyo 009

Our last morning in Tokyo, a few of us headed to Aoyama Cemetery for a few cherry blossoms photos before heading down to Hiroshima and Miyajima.  During cherry blossom season in Japan, early in the morning is really the only time you can expect to easily get photos without crowds of people.

Japan Photo Guide Aoyama Cemetery 013 Japan Photo Guide Aoyama Cemetery 015

Next up for the 2016 cherry blossom tour was Hiroshima and Miyajima.  We would also travel to Himeji Castle, Kyoto and the Fuji Five Lakes to chase and photograph the cherry blossoms around Japan!  Interested in joining the 2017 cherry blossom tour?  Please contact me today to start your trip to Japan during cherry blossom season or any other time you’d like!