2015 Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan | Arashiyama

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arashiyama kyoto bamboo grove

Before evening returning from the the 2015 Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan, I received a few inquiries about the 2016 Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan!  If you are looking for that information, the details of the 2016 Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan can be found here.

arashiyama kyoto bamboo grove arashiyama kyoto bamboo grove

I already shared with you photos from the group’s tour in Kyoto, but wanted to have another post just for Arashiyama!  Arashiyama is just west of Kyoto and is a great place to visit, walk around and take photos.  Arashiyama is also where the famous bamboo grove you see so many photos of is!  If you have been to Japan Photo Guide blog in the past, you have surely seen photos taken in Arashiyama’s bamboo grove but thought this time I would set aside an entire post for it.  Actually, there is much more to see in Arashiyama than we went to this time, but our time was limited to see the bamboo grove and a little bit of Kameyama Park
.  If you can, I highly recommend visiting Arashiyama in the Fall, though it’s great anytime of the year.  Also, a note about the bamboo grove, if you want photos without other visitors, you really have to come around sunrise!  Other than that, good luck trying to get photos like what you see here on this post not only because of the quality of light, but it will be CROWDED!

arashiyama kyoto bamboo grove

arashiyama kyoto kameyama parkarashiyama kyoto kameyama park

Want to see more photos from the 2015 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour of Japan?  The group tour also went to Tokyo, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Himeji Castle and some of us to The Fuji Five Lakes close to Mt. Fuji.  Stay tuned for more photos from the escorted tour of Japan!

Photo Tour of Japan | Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama

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Arashiyama is on the outskirts of Western Kyoto and a beautiful place to visit.  I talked about Arashiyama already in my post in Kokedera (Moss Garden) and another popular place to visit, walk through and take photos is the bamboo grove.  I recommend going as early as possible, even arriving just before sunrise.  I recommend visiting the bamboo forest early not only for the beautiful light, but also to avoid the crowds.  If you are visiting just to see the bamboo in Arashiyama, then perhaps you don’t need to go as early, but for photos, getting there early makes a huge difference!  We arrived in Arashiyama about 20 minutes before sunrise and besides the occasional local on a walk or run, we were free to take photos without hoards of tourists!

More from this photo tour of Japan is coming soon!  Here is the list of the places we visited and photographed in Japan.

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