Kamikochi | Myojin Pond

May 18 | Evan | No Comments |

Myojin Pond-JapanPhotoGuide-027a

Myojin Pond is about an hours walk from Kappabashi and the Kamikochi Bus Terminal. Starting from Kappabashi, you can walk along the right or the left side of the Azusa River to get to Myojin Pond with the right side being more of a path and the left side more of elevated wooden platform.  Photography wise, the left was more interesting for me, but there are photo opportunities just about everywhere in Kamikochi, so why not walk both sides. The bridge I included with these photos is very close to Myojin Pond, so I just through it in this gallery.  I went to Myojin Pond in the afternoon and the water was almost perfectly still and even more perfectly clear.  Not sure I’ve seen a pond or lake with water this clear…Besides the other ponds and rivers in the Kamikochi area of course!  There was a small entrance fee to get it, but it is certainly worth it!  I would have loved to try and come back early in the morning to get some fog or some different clouds, but my time in Kamikochi was limited to and I had more places to see!


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