2015 Rice Terrace Tour of Japan | Hamanoura Tanada

Jun 11 | Evan | No Comments |


After a good start at Doya Rice Terrace in Nagasaki, the next morning I escorted our group of photographers to Hamanoura Tanada. The best time to go to Hamanoura is really for sunset, but the weather was looking gloomy later in Saga Prefecture, and sometimes there can be some nice light and colors opposite the sunrise, so we went here in the morning. There were some interesting clouds for part of the morning and also there wasn’t much rice growing from the rice terraces yet so we were able to make some good photos.



I’m still trying to work on my HDR technique for landscapes and I think comparing with last year’s attempt with rice terrace photos of Japan, I am improving, but still want to learn more.  I love my work as a portrait photographer, but the group tours to Japan are so much fun for the obvious reasons of enjoying Japan and making new friends, but also gives me a chance to work on some photography techniques that I normally don’t have a chance to use.  Next time, instead of HDR, I think I will try the graduated neutral density filters for landscapes of Japan!Hamanoura-Rice-Terrace-JapanPhotoGuide-01


For the 2015 Rice Terrace Photo Tour of Japan, we also visited Doya Tanada, Oura Tanada, Warabino TanadaNijinomatsubara, JufukujiIshidake Observatory for Kujukushima and Yumiharidake Observatory for Kujukushima.  Interested in joining a future Tanada Tour of Japan?  Contact me today to start your experience for Japan!