Are you an official licensed guide?

Apr 24 | Evan | Comments Off on Are you an official licensed guide? |

No, I am not an official licensed guide in Japan or anywhere else! Japan has very strict guidelines on becoming an official guide. Basically there are 3 levels:

1. English Speaking Guide(ESG): Officially licensed guide. She/He can do guiding, escorting, interpreting, teaching about Japanese history/culture and so on.

2. English Speaking Escort(ESE): Non-Licensed. She/He can escort the group and give them the instruction or information but cannot provide the history, culture, tradition and so on.

3. English Speaking Assistant(ESA): Non-Licensed. She/He will just help boarding train or bus, or helping check-in etc.

I am number 2, ESE. This means that I cannot be paid to teach you about Japanese history, culture, traditions and so on. The “guide” in Japan Photo Guide is meant for photography guide, not guide of Japan. My fees are not to hire me as an “English Speaking Guide” in Japan.

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