2019 Cherry Blossom Photo Tour | Himeji Castle

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With Tokyo and Miyajima finished, the 2019 cherry blossom photography tour continued to Himeji, home of Himeji Castle. Famous for the thousands of cherry blossom trees, Himeji Castle is a great spot to capture the essence of Japan. Finding spots where the castle and the cherry blossoms can be photographed together is the goal but Himeji Castle itself provides lot’s of photo opportunities and the cherry blossom spots alone, around the castle are photogenic as well.

The photo below is courtesy of and created by one of our group’s photographers, Daniel Leffel. Take a look at Daniel’s website for more excellent photography not only of Japan but all over the word.

Himeji Castle

Bellow is a gallery of cherry blossom photos from our photography tour in Himeji and Himeji Castle.

The 2019 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour took a small group of photographers to Japan. We started in Tokyo and continued to Hiroshima, Miyajima, Himeji Castle, Kyoto and Mt. Fuji from Shizuoka and from Fuji Five Lakes. Here is the trip report from the 2019 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour of Japan and the 2018 Cherry Blossom Photo Tour of Japan. The 2020 Cherry Blossom Photo Tour of Japan is already planned and live! Limited spots are available for the 2020 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour of Japan, with first booking already reserved!

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