2018 Cherry Blossom Photo Tour of Japan | Himeji

May 16 | Evan | No Comments |

After 3 wonderful days photographing the cherry blossoms of Miyajima, the 2018 Cherry Blossom Photo Tour continued North East to Himeji, home of Japan’s most spectacular castle, Himeji Castle.  Like most of the locations I choose for the photography tour of Japan during cherry blossom season, the castle has fantastic cherry blossoms, but also there are many views of the castle that we can create photographs of if they cherry blossom timing is off or if we are cherry blossomed out!


Like Mt. Fuji though, I believe Himeji Castle is most beautiful from a far, sometimes even as an item in the background.  Perhaps I’m falling under the influence of Katsushika Hokusai where in a lot of his works of art of Mt. Fuji, it’s just a small point in the background of the image

Of course sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due for certain subjects, like Himeji Castle or photos of cherry blossoms themselves. Neither the cherry blossoms or Himeji Castle disappointed our photography tour!

The 2018 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour took a small group of photographers to Japan.  We started in Tokyo and continued to Hiroshima, Miyajima, HImeji Castle, Kyoto and Mt. Fuji.  Here is the trip report from the 2018 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour of Japan. The 2019 Cherry Blossom Photo Tour of Japan is already planned and live!  Limited spots are available for the 2019 Cherry Blossom Photography Tour of Japan, with first booking already reserved!  Below is a gallery of cherry blossom photos from our time spent photographing the area around Himeji Castle in Japan.

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