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The station for Sounkyo Ropeway is next to the visitor’s information center in Sounkyo Onsen and the “town center” which has most of the restaurants, small shops and convenient stores in the area.  It’s kind of like a really small strip mall.  Don’t expect too many choices, but you can find the standard ramen, curry, soba, udon and so on.  The Sounkyo Ropeway consists of two levels, the cable car and then dual chair lift to go even higher.  Stopping at the first level is probably good enough for most people and on the roof of the station, there is a nice observation deck offering spectacular views of Sounkyo Onsen area and other mountains of Daisetsuzan National Park.


I recommend going either early in the morning (when these photos were taken) or for sunset.  The general hours are from 6am – 7pm in the summer but different in the winter.  You can check with your hotel or download the English Brochure PDF  here to see more information, all hours during the year.  If you can read Japanese, or want to translate the website, here is the Sounkyo Ropeway website.

More from this photo tour of Japan is coming soon!  Here is the list of the places we visited and photographed in Japan.

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