Kushimoto and Hashigui Iwa

Aug 10 | Evan | No Comments |

Hashigui-Iwa-JapanPhotoGuide-004The typhoon was getting closer but I still had much more to see in Wakayama and needed more time to try out the graduated ND filters along with the 10 stop ND filter!  The next place was Kushimoto and Hashigui Iwa, a cool rock formation just off the coast of Kushimoto.   It’s best to come here for sunrise, but it’s also quite nice during the afternoon when the late sun hits the rocks.  Also, when the tide goes out, you can get quite close to the rocks.

Hashigui-Iwa-JapanPhotoGuide-000 Hashigui-Iwa-JapanPhotoGuide-002


When the water is calm you can get some great reflections from the rocks, but when it’s not, like when I was visiting Kushimoto, the 10 stop nd filter is great to get really smooth water!  Hashigui Iwa is easy to access with parking lot just in front of the location.

Hashigui-Iwa-JapanPhotoGuide-001 Hashigui-Iwa-JapanPhotoGuide-003About 20-30 minute drive from Hashigui Iwa is another great location for rock formations, Umikongo.  I was there just hours before the typhoon would be coming and it made an normally windy place, too windy to hold my tripod and camera steady, but at least I could check out the area and take a few photos with my phone.  You can see that with good light and good weather, Umikongo would certainly be a good place to take photos while visiting Wakayama.

Umikongo-JapanPhotoGuide001 Umikongo-JapanPhotoGuide002