2015 Rice Terrace Tour of Japan | Kujukushima from Ishidake Observatory

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The last sunset of the 2015 Tanada Tour of Japan was spent at Ishidake Observatory to see views of the islands of Kujukushima.  It’s a popular spot for sunsets and also a spot that was used for the opening scene of the film, “The Last Samurai.”  The observatory does get crowded with photographers and the space isn’t huge, so if you plan on going here, best to get there early.

Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-17 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-19

We arrived at at Ishidake Observatory about 2 hours before sunset and there were already some photographers there waiting.  There was still space for our group touring Japan to take photos, but for some photographers that came too late had to squeeze or find another place that wasn’t ideal.

Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-26 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-27 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-28 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-30

I love the way the water looks after the boats pass through…

Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-21 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-23 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-24

And finally a few panoramic photos of Kujukushima taken with my iPhone…

Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-31 Ishidake-Kujukushima-JapanPhotoGuide-32

For the 2015 Rice Terrace Photo Tour of Japan, we also visited Doya Tanada, Hamanoura Tanada, Warabino Tanada and Mikaeri FallsNijinomatsubara, Jufukuji and  Yumiharidake Observatory for Kujukushima.  Interested in joining a future Tanada Tour of Japan?  Contact me today to start your experience for Japan!  Overall, this group tour of Japan focusing on the rice terraces of Kyushu was a success and besides making some great photos in Japan, we had a great time and ate (too much) delicious sushi and more!  Next up is the 2015 Fall Tour of Japan!